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This is what my life look like right now. Life’s a mess but still, it’s great. I used to post a lot about how horrible/strange growing up is and, yeah, it’s weird but it’s also awesome. First you’re like WHAT IS HAPPENING but then you get a job and your license and friends and you’re still sometimes confused but a lot of it starts to click. It starts to make sense and the confusion and fear start to leave you. I still have moments where being 17 is crazy and ACTs and college degrees freak me out and I feel like I’m weird in comparison to everyone around me but after freaking out for a second, I can just be calm about it and not let fear become blinding. You learn to just go for it anyway and you realize it’s not as bad as you though it was. You read good books and listen to good music, spend time with the coolest people you can find, be as honest as possible and life will be a mess but it’ll be good and it’ll be worth it.

Stay Dynamite | xo, Megan

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cross state lines


cross state lines 1

drive for miles

and miles

until you get somewhere

that’s not home.

don’t stay your whole life

where you were born.

don’t never leave

that small town.

let the paved roads lead you

out of the world you’re used to.

stop getting comfortable.

stop settling in.

leave at some point.

cross state lines until you

find the answers.


• Megan

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