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I’m Megan Kristine, an eighteen year old writer and artist. I’m currently a sophomore english/writing major and graphic design minor in Oklahoma. I grew up in the midwest and moved around almost more times than I can count. I love my parents and my four siblings to pieces as they made growing up both wild and unforgettable. I’m from a small town which I love and get so homesick for while I’m away at college! I’m an ESFJ personality & although I’m often shy at first, I do really love being around people versus being alone. I love friends and sitting in Applebee’s booths laughing too hard and too loud. When I was fifteen, I wrote enough angsty songs to make an album (i.e. too many), and if you ever need subpar emotional teen poetry, I’m your girl. My favorite authors are Shakespeare, Salinger, and S.E. Hinton. I’m a perfectionist and an over-achiever and really good at pretending like I know what I’m doing. I live very down-to-earth and am undeniably sarcastic, surprisingly empathetic, and unbelievably honest.

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About This Blog: 

“An english major’s words on being honest.”

MeganKristineBlog.com is a lifestyle blog written by English/Writing student, Megan Kristine. Megan, who has been a blogger since 2008, writes with a comfortable, confident, and casual voice about her experiences, pairing words with  photography. While she primarily writes about her own life, Megan encourages and inspires readers to look to their own lives and realize that, whether groundbreaking or quiet, it is still just as full and valuable as everyone else’s.

  • Samantha

    divergent, to kill a mocking bird, psych, h2o, food network. a christian. photographer, artist. we have a lot in common! i love your blog! i just started blogging. i love stalking other peoples jobs to get ideas! (:


  • Beautiful. This is truly unique.
    (i myself an 17 year old Christian, so i feel a bit of a kinship there.)
    Just keep writing and being you. It’s ever so refreshing :)


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