Planning for the New Year.

Two free printable worksheet PDFs to help you plan for 2019!

2 Free New Year's Resolutions PDF Printable Worksheets

Well, it’s here: 2019.

We all had our own year’s worth of moments and memories in 2018. Mine were some of the best in my life, with 2019 promising even more excitement.

In 2018, I completed my senior poetry collection (my favorite and most important academic achievement), got engaged, and discovered beautiful details about myself (as I always do every year). 2018 was a year I loved with my whole heart––it was full of memories I will think back on for years to come.

It feels sad to let this past year go, but the year to come holds so much more to look forward to––graduation, marriage, starting my career, and much more that I can’t even begin to imagine. I’m so thankful to be looking forward to this year with so much joy, gratitude, and peace.

No matter what kind of year 2018 was for you, I hope you look forward to 2019 and recognize the possibility each new year brings.

As a year comes to a close, I always love to make plans for the next one. Making plans was especially hard for me this year as I recognize the beginning of 2019 will look much different from its second half. Splitting my resolutions into sections helps me focus and think about all areas of my life, even as they shift and change throughout the new year.

To help inspire your resolutions, I’ve created 2 worksheets for you to fill out!

This first one organizes resolutions into 4 different sections: academic/career, health, personal, and spiritual!

This second worksheet paired with the resolution allows you to expand your plans for 2019. Alone, this sheet can serve as a fun, minimal plan for those who prefer not to make resolutions.

Click here to download both worksheets!

I hope these worksheets help and inspire you as you look forward to the new year! If you enjoy filling them out, be sure to tag me in a photo on instagram @megankmadison

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