3 ways to remember your summer

I’m really big on the summer mems.

Summer is a period of time in which the best memories are made; it’s when change is the easiest to welcome and I’ve always found that I learn the most about myself during these three months. Now that it’s finally June (aka, my favorite month of the year!!), I’m thinking about all the projects I did in high school to document my summers. I’ve always been one to be obsessive about remembering things –– from taking too many pictures to writing so many poems, “so I’ll always remember the feeling.” Over-documenting has always just kind of been my thing and summer is when I tend to make the biggest effort to do so. Here are three of my favorite summer projects:

1. Photography Journal.

During the summer of 2012, I took photos every day I did something interesting. I bought a moleskine journal, wrote the date at the top of the page, printed out the photos, and taped them down. If I’d written a poem that day I would also either write it on the page or paperclip it in. Five years later, it’s one of my favorite summer projects I’ve ever done. It’s basically just an angsty teen’s version of a scrapbook, which –– let’s be honest –– is totally my vibe.

2. 1 Second Everyday App.

1secondeveryday is seriously one of my favorite apps! All you do is record one second of video everyday and it complies it all into one video that makes my memory-loving heart happy. Here’s one from the beginning of my sophomore year at college:

3. 365 project.

Since it’s just for the summer, it’s not really a 365 project, but the principle is the same. Whatever your creative medium of choice is –– whether it’s photography, art, writing –– you do it everyday and use it to document your summer activities. This is one that you could easily do digitally or on paper/printed, which makes it an extremely flexible project that you can personalize for your own style. I did several “365” poetry projects during various summers and I love looking back at them and reliving the moments!

Here’s to another summer full of surprises! • Megan